Scribble careless drawings with friends, privately

The only shame you'll get from drawing the most obscene stuff ever will be between you and your friends only. 😏


Common hand-drawing features with mices and touchscreens, including color selection, brush selection and objects manipulation (move, scale, rotate, erase). Drawings are synchronized in real-time. Powered by Fabric.js.


Talk to your drawing buddies in real-time. Powered by Socket.IO.


All drawings and chat messages are synchronized in a peer-to-peer fashion. This means synchronization servers will never keep any data, only transmitting it. However, this also means all sessions are ephemeral. Powered by Socket.IO.


All drawings and chat messages are sent end-to-end encrypted over the wire, using "secret-key authenticated encryption". This means synchronization servers will never be able to see your data, even when transmitting it. Powered by TweetNaCl.js.


We strongly believe transparency goes hand-in-hand with privacy, that's why this application is free and open-source software under AGPL-3 license, available publicly on GitHub.


Found a bug? Missing a feature? Open an issue and/or contribute on GitHub.